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“In Greek mythology, the word Kleoss means ‘renown’ or ‘glory’. A Greek hero earns
Kleoss through accomplishing great deeds, which create a reputation that precedes him. We believe that our value
add is embodied in our two distinct ideals – value and valour, and the relationship that exists between the two.
Kleoss Capital believes that the true value of valour does not have a price tag. It has the lifelong reward of
reputation. It is how we measure everything regarding who we are and what we do because we believe that valour
is how we truly add value to our investors and portfolio companies. The ability to be bold, decisive and
steadfast. To believe in our abilities and act in a way that backs that faith. This is a philosophy that
trickles throughout the company.”
—  Co-Founders

Kleoss Capital is a South African private equity firm targeting South African businesses. The firm seeks to
invest in South African businesses with exposure to the rest of the African continent. Our primary objective is to
generate returns for our investors. We seek to achieve this by targeting companies who either show high growth
potential or are strong market leaders in their sectors and require our capital as well as strategic value add to
fulfil their growth potential.

Kleoss Capital is also a 100% black owned and managed investment manager with a level 1 Broad Based Black
Economic Empowerment (“B-BBEE”) accreditation. In the context of South Africa this is a competitive advantage as the
target companies can immediately claim full ownership points in terms of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice (www.thedti.gov.za) both economically and from a voting perspective commensurate
with the percentage shareholding of Kleoss Capital.

Kleoss Capital (Pty) Limited is a registered financial services provider (FSP No: 45656)